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What is Karaoke.net?

The Karaoke.net service is designed to deliver karaoke in either a digital download or physical disc based on your preference. Whether you have a children's karaoke player from Wal­Mart or a professional karaoke player in your home theatre ­ you will most likely want to create a CDG format disc. This format will also play on a standard CD player or in the car for those who just want to listen to the music.

Simply choose the CDG format in the drop down box to the right of each song title and begin compiling the disc. The amount of songs that can be added are limited to the length of the track times. If your songs exceed the capacity of the disc, a second disc will automatically begin compiling.

For those who want to play the songs on their computer, or who have a player that can accept a USB or SD card ­ downloads are an excellent option. Karaoke.net offers MP3+g and Mp4 video downloads. You can order as many songs as you wish and after payment is made, an email with download links is sent to you. You right click the link and choose where you wish to save the downloaded file on your computer for use later. If you are using the downloaded files on your karaoke player, simply copy the downloaded files to a USB/SD card and plug into your player.

Your purchases are detailed in your receipt and a record of your downloads is in your account history. Should you need to re­download your files, a link will remain available for this purpose.

Happy Singing!

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Searching for songs

You can search for a song using the 'Search Bar'. You can search by:
• The title
• The artist

Are there any limits for download orders?

No, you can order as many songs as you like.

What do I do once I pay for my downloads?

In your email you will see blue colored download link addresses. Simply click on the links and a pop up box will ask where you want to save the download. Choose a location that you can find easily, like your desktop for example ­ and select OK.

How do I play my downloaded tracks?

If your karaoke player has a USB or SD card port you should simply save the files to one of these and attach them to your player. If you want to use your computer there are a number of good karaoke programs available that will work like those offered from www.powerkaraoke.com. MP4 tracks should play with any modern media player.

Are the Mp4 versions in HD?

No, the Mp4 versions are standard definition and can be played on any media device that plays video.

My downloaded tracks won't work when burning them to a disc. Can I request a CDG in exchange?

Unfortunately, once your order is placed we cannot replace the files with another format due to licensing restrictions.

Do the tracks have chorus or backing vocals?

In most cases yes. Party Tyme Karaoke strives to recreate the tracks as close to the original as possible. If there are chorus/backing vocals on the original arrangement, there will most likely be on the karaoke version. Listen to the samples before buying.

Why do some songs appear available as a download but not custom disc?

New release songs that are available on pressed Party Tyme discs are not available for custom disc due to our publisher agreements. Please visit www.partytyme.com for the latest pop and country hits discs.

I'm a professional singer. Can I perform with these tracks in public?

Our tracks are fully licensed for both home or professional use. The license does not include a Performance Right license. Venues are responsible for securing these types of license.

What is a Custom Disc?

A custom disc is a compilation of CDG songs that you choose.

How Do I create a custom disc?

First, you choose a format. Click on CDG from the dropdown box. then type in the title for your disc, up to 20 characters long (including spaces). Then start searching for the tracks you want!
• Once you have found the track you want, click on the Add Track '+' button to put them into your 'Custom Disc'.
• Your Custom Disc track listing is displayed on the right hand side. This displays the order of the tracks, how many minutes you've got left on your disc and how much your disc is going to cost excluding delivery charges.

Can I change the order of the tracks on my disc?

Yes! Simply click up or down arrow to the right of each track on your disc to change the order.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity Of Tracks Per Disc?

Yes, the minimum order quantity per disc is 6 tracks.

Is There A Maximum Order Quantity Of Tracks Per Disc?

You can fill a CDG disc up to a total of 78:00 minutes of music / up to 18 tracks. The 'Time Remaining' & 'Number of Tracks / Remaining Tracks' is displayed underneath your track listing on CDG.

Can I see the lyrics on screen?

Yes, just like a store bought disc.

Will my customburn disc play on a regular CD player?

Please select CDG format if you wish to listen to the music on a standard CD player. Keep in mind that standard CD players will not play the graphics.

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Unfortunately, we can't edit your order after it has been sent. Best to double check your selections before placing the order.

I am not happy with my disc. Can I return it for a refund?

Unfortunately, the fact that the discs are custom made we can only refund on faulty discs. A faulty disc must be reported within two weeks of ordering to qualify for a refund. There are video samples you can preview before ordering any track. Listen to as many as you like to find the right version.

What is estimated delivery time?

It usually takes 1-7 business days for orders to arrive within US. International orders vary from 4 days to a two weeks within Europe.

What is the delivery cost?

$2.99 + a handling charge of $5.00. There is no delivery charge for downloads.

What if I can't find the song I want?

We are continually adding songs to the site. We have a library of over 22,000 songs and new songs being produced weekly. As they are cleared by the publishers we add them to the site.




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